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Adress: Vavilova, 63A,
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INTEHPLAST was found in the year 2000. Initially having bet on 100% quality goods, we solved a great number of problems both in the field of equipment design and selection, and in the field of providing optimal manufacturing methods. Efforts of top specialists, trained in Germany, Belgium and Great Britain, made it possible to implement the project related to establishment of modern PVC panels production fully consistent with world standards of quality.


Production facilities of INTEHPLAST include only cutting-edge equipment of the leading manufacturers, such as GREINER, CINCINNATI EXTRUSION, BARBERAN and KRAUSS MAFFEI.

As of today production capacities equal to 10000 tons of PVC per year. The company manufactures almost the full range of products and PVC profile for interior finish.

Every product is environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. Thus, INTEHPLAST products may be used in any residential, medical, household and utility rooms. Diversity of our production design may satisfy tastes of a most exacting customer.

High quality of INTEHPLAST products is based on the following:

1. Long-term partnerships with the world's leading equipment manufacturers;
2. Advanced system of recruitment and manpower deployment;
3. Efficient system of staff retraining and advanced training;
4. Production management in whole and in each division is based on the latest researches in this sphere;
5. Special groups of technologists and designers are constantly working on improvement of manufacturing methods;
6. Continually increasing investments into development of technology and production;
7. Constant quality control on all production phases starting from inspection of raw materials and expendables and finishing with quality control of finished products.

Manufacturing chain includes the following:

1. EXTRUSION production provides manufacturing of all PVC nomenclature by INTEHPLAST.
2. LAMINAR production provides manufacturing of PVC profile with applied laminated film (TEXTURE series).
3. In PRINTER production printer equipment is used for application of paint coat on PVC profile (EUROPE series).
4. PROCESSING production provides closed cycle for primary production.


Extrusion production

Composition of raw materials and additives is prepared in special mixers. This mixture (dryblend) travels to the extrusion line via special feed systems and is put into extruder's receiver tank. Here dryblend exposed to high temperatures is melted down to paste and is pressed out by special augers into dies shaping necessary profile. Then the profile is transferred into special cooling gauges, where the mixture acquires its final form and cools down. Further on, the material is cut in accordance with the required dimensions, followed by storing, packing and transportation to customer.

Laminar production

Laminar production employes the following to methods of film application:

  • lamination
  • hot stamping

First method: in a special laminating machine glue is applied on the film, then rollers wrap the film around the profile. This method is used for laminating windowsills and panels in TEXTURE series.

Second method: in a special machine glue is applied on the internal surface of the film. Then the film is pressed to panel's surface by a warmed-up roller. The film sticks to the panel due to high temperature and pressure. Further on, panels are cut, packed and transported to customer.

Printer production

This method of production is used for manufacturing panels of EUROPE series. Printing machine is used for indirect flexographic printing. Special engraved cylinder contains a design, which is imprinted on a butyl roller with paint. This roller is in contact with the panel on which the design is imprinted. When the cylinders rotate the panel travels on a conveyor under the cylinders. Thereby, the design is imprinted on the surface of the panel.

INTEHPLAST constantly widens its production facilities, introduces new technologies and keenly responses to all market changes. System approach, flexible pricing policy, maximum satisfaction of customer demand and perfect quality as the main objective – all of these allowed to achieve leadership not only in the Southern Region, but in Russia as a whole.

INTEHPLAST has a wide network of dealers: Moscow, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tolyatti, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk and Stavropol. We are continuing to develop and improve our production and sales system. We will be pleased to meet new partners.