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Terrace ITP

Terrace ITP

Terrace ITP was created by means of modern technologies combining wood and plastic. It possesses all sensuous and tactile wood properties. It is ecologically-friendly and resistant to any environmental effect. Enjoy all wood qualities and forget about its defects!


  • Terrace ITP neither absorbs nor evolves moisture. It neither swells nor changes its form when covered with water.
  • Terrace ITP is resistant to rain and sea water
  • hanks to its ribbed surface the terrace does not glide even when covered with water.
  • Clips made of stainless steel are used to assemble the terrace.

Fire safety

  • Terrace ITP does not sustain combustion. Flame spread group 1 (РП1) — non-spreading.


  • Resistant to temperatures between -50°C and +70°C.
  • Has high durability and is able to hold pressure up to 500 kg per square meter
  • Does not rot, non-corrodible, resistant to insects and fungus as well as mechanical damage

Ecological properties

  • Does not contain any harmful substances. The material does not evolve formalin during heat treatment.

Aesthetic look and functional qualities

  • Resistant to ultraviolet
  • Has pleasant velvet surface
  • The color of the terrace boards ITP is really close to the natural color of wood.
  • Does not need preliminary or subsequent treatment, painting
  • Easily cleaned from any dirt by a brush and makes no splinters

Easy to lay and assemble

  • Terrace ITP can be easily assembled and dissembled
  • Side section of the board is closed which means there is no need to buy any extra decorative  materials necessary for finishing work or for the steps of the terrace. 
  • The material is treated with the same tolls as wood
  • Composite boards are easy to saw, plane and drill

Easy to maintain

  • All dirt can be removed by a simple brush and rush of water.